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Discover the payment platform designed specifically for middleman businesses. Manage transactions, automate tax documentation, and streamline payments, all in one place.

Burnt by Complex Payments?

Brighter Transitions

With traditional payment systems, customizing the distribution of funds to service providers feels like trying to light a candle in the wind. Inefficient processes don't just dim your operations, they burn your time

Luminous Capabilities

Shine Light on Your Transactions

Experience the brilliance of simplified payment processes. Illuminate the way with Candle's comprehensive feature set.

Customizable Payment Distribution
Candle allows you to dictate the rules of the game. Specify a fixed amount or a percentage of each transaction that goes to your service providers, taking the guesswork out of payments.
Instant Transfers
Wave goodbye to waiting. Candle allows instant transfers to service providers' bank accounts or digital wallets, making the payment process swift and efficient.
Unified Dashboard
Maintain a bird's eye view of your business finances. Track all incoming and outgoing payments in real time with Candle's unified dashboard, providing transparency and ease of record keeping.
Automated Tax Documentation
Breathe easy at tax time. Candle auto-generates tax forms for service providers based on the payments they've received, saving you time and avoiding potential mistakes.
Flexible Payment Options
Give your customers the freedom to pay their way. Candle accommodates various payment methods including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and popular digital wallets.
Integrated Dispute Resolution
Resolve with ease. Candle's integrated dispute resolution system handles any issues that arise between you and your service providers, providing peace of mind and maintaining harmony.

Brilliant Benefits

Light Your Path

Candle isn't just about transactions; it's about transforming your business operations. We turn the complex into clear, the tedious into effortless, and the uncertain into confident.

Effortless Management
Leave the financial jugglery to us. Candle's customizable settings and real-time tracking means you spend less time on money matters and more on what truly matters - your business.
Transparency Amplified
No more guesswork, no more confusion. Candle's unified dashboard gives you an insightful, comprehensive view of your finances. Everything you need, all in one brilliantly-lit place.
Tax Simplified
When tax season rolls around, you won't be left scrambling. Candle automates tax documentation, taking the stress out of tax time and ensuring your service providers are always in the clear.
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